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Screw Conveyors WBM

Screw conveyors are a great alternative to belt conveyors in many cases. They are widely used for conveying materials such as; top soil, saw dust, ash, diced food and much more. In a food processing environment they are by far the easiest to clean and offer virtually a trouble free solution for many incline and horizontal conveying requirements. They are available in a wide range of diameters, lengths and pitches and can be made from mild carbon steel or stainless steel.

Weening Brothers Screw and Drag Conveyors are engineered to meet the high demands of your industry. Using only quality components that ensure long term durability and low maintenance. Our manufactured screw and drag conveyors can be engineered to fit into pre-existing production lines or made for standalone applications.

 Screw and Drag Conveyor Options

Construction: Stainless steel, mild steel and galvanize steel.

Drive Options:  Drive direct mounting, chain and sprocket drive with torque limiter (Slip clutch)

Electric Controls: Variable speed controls, emergency shut off switch and hard wire into pre-existing systems.

Conveyor Styles: Horizontal, and Food Grade.

Infinite width and length options available.

WBM Screw Conveyor