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Plastic Modular Belt Conveyors WBM

Plastic modular belt conveyors are great option for several wet and dry applications and are becoming a more and more popular choice. They eliminate problems related to tracking and slippage due to their positive sprocket drives. They are available in a wide range of belt styles such as; flat top, perforated top, roller top, friction top and many more with other options such as flights and side guards. They are also a great option for applications requiring elevation changes, a radius or even a complete loop (race track). Plastic modular belts are the belt of choice for most fruit and vegetable processing applications due to their easy clean design and FDA and USDA approvals.

The following three types of Intralox modular plastic belts are offered in a wide variety of belt series and styles to suit your application needs:

Straight belts for most general conveying needs
Radius belts for applications requiring conveyance around curves
Chains are available in industry-standard widths: 3.25" / 83 mm; 4.5" / 114 mm; 7.5" / 191 mm; and 3.35" / 85 mm.

The most commonly used belt styles include:

Flat Top: suitable for a wide range of products, when a fully closed belt surface is preferred
Flush Grid: commonly used in applications where drainage or airflow is desired
Raised Rib: recommended in applications where product stability over transfers is a concern        
Open Hinge: the most cleanable style of Intralox belting; used where sanitation and hygiene are a primary concern       
Friction Top: commonly employed on incline conveyors, where the elevation of product changes    
Roller Top: used in a variety of low-pressure accumulation applications          
Perforated Flat Top: used when air flow and water flow are critical but the percentage of belt open area must remain low          

Other, less frequently used belt styles may better fit your specialty requirements:

Mesh Top
Non Skid
Open Grid
Mini Rib
Nub Top™ (anti-stick)
Cone Top™ (extra grip)
Open Hinge

All belts may be custom built to accommodate desired widths and lengths. Please note that this list is not finite.