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Customer Testimonials

Vegfresh Inc.

We have been working with WBM for well over twenty years now.  When we first started working together, both companies were just beginning their journey into the corporate world.  Back then, all of our custom machinery was designed and built by WBM, our first project being a custom stainless table which we still use today.  When we moved into our new 50,000 sq ft facility, we hired WBM to help plan and execute the move by integrating existing equipment with a new flexible bulk storage system designed to feed 6 separate processing lines.  Within a few days we were up and running with virtually zero downtime!  Our most recent project was working together to design and build a new feed system for two Atlas Pacific apple peelers that operate at a rate of 240 apples per minute.  I would strongly recommend WBM to anyone in the food supply chain as I consider them an integral partner in our progress.

Mike Sangiorgio


Toronto, Ontario, Canada.



Ed Fields and Sons

We’ve been running Weening equipment for over 10 years.  It has proven itself in dependability and flexibility over and over again.  We recently added a lift roller sizer to our Carrot line and its versatility allows to package more than just carrots through that line now.  As many as four different products, saving us space and down time between product changes!

Chris Fields,

Andover, Minnesota, USA


E & J Collins Limited

E & J Collins Limited has been using the services of Weening Brothers Manufacturing Inc for over 15 years.  They have helped in the design and manufacturing of specialized and site specific machinery for our farm operation.  We are extremely satisfied with their products and services.

Jim Collins


Orangeville, Ontario, Canada


Thomas Petersen

We have 2 mindsets which we try to use daily; first is “keep it simple stupid” (KISS) and second is in regards to the HACCP principles.  What a thrill it is to see a machine fully live up to both, super simple, yet extremely efficient, easy to clean, and easy access in regards to sharpening knives and so forth. All in all great work,. I’m truly impressed!

Bønnelykken A/S



White Pine Propriety,

When we were ready to upgrade and enlarge our fruit packing line, we found WBM willing to work with us through the design, manufacturing and installation of our new line. Not only did they meet our strict standards of gentle handling but they were able to be price competitive as well. After two seasons we have found the equipment to be solid, well built, and very reliable.  I would recommend Weening Brothers as an excellent supplier to the fruit and vegetable industries.

John Thwaites

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada


ATV Farms,

ATV Farms has been a customer of Weening Brothers Manufacturing from day one of our business.  We are more than pleased with the reliability, commitment and high standards they have provided us with.  We highly recommend Weening Brothers Manufacturing and look forward to growing our business and working with them on many more projects for years to come.

Anthony Agresti


Holland Landing, Ontario, Canada.