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Flume Conveyors Wyma

The Wyma Flume Conveyors are stainless steel channels built to provide gentle transport for fresh produce in water. They offer efficient movement of fresh produce around corners and over long distances. They also have the advantage of providing extra cleaning or soak time. Wyma flumes can be done in a closed loop water system with filter and recycling system. Gates to divide flow of produce can be provided.

Flumes can also be designed with a stone trap which would be emptied manually. Wyma have provided flumes for various produce such as carrots and parsnips. Flumes have been used to feed Hydro-coolers, Barrel Washers, Wet Hoppers, Vege-Polishers, Rotary Screen Filters and Wet Storage Bunkers on multiple installations worldwide.

Wyma Flume Conveyor With Carrots Video

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