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Custom Projects

Material Shuttle (Shuttle Buggy)

The WBM Material Mover; nicknamed Shuttle Buggy, was designed to shuttle material between adjacent buildings.  This machine is highly versatile and maneuverable allowing for standard dock level loading/unloading but also lowers to the ground where a ramp unfolds allowing forklifts to drive in and out at ground level.  Large oversized cargo can be loaded from the side by opening the curtain and removing the centre post.  Securing the cargo is simple, using either the built-in tie downs in the floor or one of the tie down rails running the length of the machine.

Shuttle Buggy takes maneuverability to a whole new level with four steering modes that can be changed on the fly with the simple turn of a dial.  Working in an open parking lot; select front wheel steering and traverse shuttle buggy to its destination at a brisk 6 km/h.  Working inside a building with tight quarters and isles to navigate; switch to four wheel steering, raise Shuttle Buggy to its upper position and meander through to your destination with ease.  Working in a narrow isle where a forklift needs by; switch to crab steering and slide into that open space beside the isle with only inches to spare.
Navigating Shuttle Buggy through tight quarters is safe and easy with the remote control operator interface that conveniently hangs with a comfortable strap over your shoulders.  This allows the operator complete freedom to walk around the machine to ensure nothing is in the way.

Shuttle Buggy is powered by a 50hp Kubota propane engine.  Using the same standard propane cylinder as most common forklifts refuelling is a breeze.  The engine compartment along with hydraulic tank, pumps and valves are all mounted on the roof of Shuttle Buggy which allows for maximum payload capacity inside the machine. 

Shuttle Buggy can be customized to suit your individual requirements.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions as we would be happy to discuss your material handling needs.

Shuttle Buggy By Weening Brothers