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Wyma Vege-Peeler

The Wyma Vege-Peeler is suitable for peeling carrots, potatoes, beetroot, sweet potatoes (kumara), swede, beetroot (beet) and a variety of other vegetables. The Vege-Peeler can be configured with custom designed brushed or a combination of brushes and carborundum. Produce enter via a large and gentle in-feed transition.

Produce enter via a large and gentle in-feed transition. Once inside the drum, produce is sprayed with fresh and/or recycled water. Both the speed of the drum (rotating anti-clock wise) and the brushes (rotating clock wise) can be varied to control the intensity and throughput of the peeling action. Adjusting the position of the out-feed gate also helps to control the peeling intensity.

In order to maintain a consistent peeling result, an auger drive can be fitted inside the drum. This auger, also with adjustable speed, allows fresh produce such as potatoes to have a suitable amount of contact with the brushes for an effective peeling.

The Wyma Vege-Peeler is based on the proven technology of the Wyma Vege-Polisher, and hence provides an innovative, reliable and low maintenance alternative for peeling of fresh produce. All options available on the Wyma Vege-Polisher are also availabe on the Wyma Vege-Peeler.

The Wyma Vege-Peeler has achieved yield losses as low as 5% on certain vegetables. Brush peeling technology brings numerous benefits to pack-houses and processing plants which include:

  • Potential reduction in production costs through a) lower capital investment and maintenance requirements than knife and steam peelers b) Longer durability of peeling brushes over carborundum rollers c) Efficient water use if used in combination with one of Wyma’s water recycling solutions d) Technical reliability associated with Wyma’s Vege-Polisher™ technology.
  • Potential increase in income through a) Higher capacity than knife peeling b) Flexibility as teh Wyma Vege-Peeler can be used with multiple fresh produce types, shapes & conditions c) Smooth finish (if required) while maintaining natural produce shape, hence increasing shelf life compared to produce handled with carborundum rollers only d) Lower yield loss than carborundum or knife peeling e) Absence of blanching. Blanching is mainly associated with steam peelers and creates an outer “cooked” layer which is unacceptable in some potato processing applications.

Wyma Vege-Peeler Carrots Video

Wyma Vege-Peeler Potato Video

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