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Wet & Dry Hoppers

Wet Receiving Pit & Conveyor WBM

The WBM Wet Receiving Pit with Pit Conveyor allows large amounts produce to be quickly tipped from a truck into a water-filled pit without fear of damaging your produce. Pit Conveyors can receive produce in dirty, clean or semi-clean condition. We design the pit and supply working drawings for a contractor to form and build from.  We supply the pit conveyor, pump and plumbing required specific to your application.  Water is pumped into the back end of the pit to assist with flow of produce to the conveyor. Our receiving pit/pit conveyors can be engineered to fit into new or pre-existing production lines. Let our engineers design a pit to fit your requirements.


WBM Pit Conveyor Video

WBM Pit Hopper Pre Soak Video

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