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Waste Removal

Vibrating Web Conveyor

The Vibrating Web Conveyor removes broken produce pieces, small stones, clods and other debris from carrot and parsnip lines. This is done in a continuous process as the waste falls through the screen.

Vibrating Web Conveyor  are designed to process dirty or clean produce. A shaker roller, which runs under the screen, provides a vibrating action to ‘shake’ produce across the screen. The rolling screen also conveys produce in a continuous motion. Stainless steel chutes guide waste to fall onto a waste conveyor which transfers waste out the side of the Vibrating Web Conveyor.

The screen mesh size and degree of shake can be chosen to suit the target pieces to be removed. A water spray system is also available for dirty applications, where stones and mud need to be separated from the produce flow.

Wyma Vibrating Web Conveyor Video

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