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SYMACH MACH Palletizer

The philosophy of SYMACH is that any palletizer model should perform the same and should be capable of producing the same level of stacking quality; whatever the speed of the model. Flexibility of the system is considered one of the basic requirements. The palletizing rates can vary from 13 to a maximum of 36 bags per minute, depending on the model of machine.

Custom build

Flexibility characterizes all models of SYMACH Palletizers. Although each model is built up from a standard chassis, SYMACH engineers have the knowledge and expertise in house, to take account of individual customization. According to the needs of our customers, the machines can be adapted to palletize varying products for example: petfood, onions,carrots, potatoes, grass seeds, cartons and bakery products.

Accurate stacking

An important feature of the SYMACH palletizer is the unique design of the head. The smooth flat bottom fully supports each bag that slides into the head, while the centralizing plates direct the product exactly to the centre, before stopping in position at the end plate of the head. This determines the exact position of the bag inside the head, allowing the bag to be placed accurately in the final position on the pallet, as programmed in the stacking pattern.

Unlike most other palletizing systems, such as the traditional gantry systems or bag grippers, the SYMACH palletizer will stack any bag, regardless of type, individually with overlap, to ensure a neat stable pallet. Inaccurate stacking or even damage to the packaging is a problem of the past with the head of the SYMACH palletizer.

Option Hybrid head

The optional hybrid head is a multifunctional design for bags, cartons and crates: the centralizing unit places any type of carton or crate precisely on a pallet without the drop that is used when stacking bags.

The unique design of the head of the SYMACH palletiser, in combination with the user friendly machine software enables customers to program to a variety of stacking patterns.

Option Formation doors

Each layer of bags or cartons can be formed on heavy duty, coated formation doors, which withdraw to place the bags gently onto the pallet below, which is presented hydraulically to the level at which it receives the next layer. This manoeuvre also includes gentle tamping down of the top layer. Consequently, each layer is flattened and the load on the pallet is compact and stable. The formation doors also provide a buffer zone for 1 or 2 layers, to enable a continuous stacking process while the full pallet is discharged and the new pallet is presented.

Option Electrically operated squeeze collar

This option is used to press each layer of bags/boxes sideways at all 4 sides in order to form a tight, straight layer to keep the product within the pallet dimensions.


Slipsheets can be placed automatically on the empty pallet, in-between the different layers of bags. Plastic and paper sheets, from a roll or precut sheets can be placed according to the customer’s needs.






SYMACH MACH 2 Palletizer Petfood Video

SYMACH MACH 2 Palletizer Potatos Video

SYMACH Palletizer Crates Video

SYMACH MACH 8 Palletizer Head Slow Montion Video

SYMACH MACH 8 Palletizer Potatos Video

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