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Waste Removal

Onion Topper By ERC Machinery

Toppers are used to take of the surplus of tops from the onions, sjallots or onion sets. After harvest onions are often stored with at least 10 centimeters of top-tails. Retail outlets normally only allow up to 2.5 centimeters and the ERC toppers ensure that the surplus of tail is effectively and efficiently taken of before sorting and packing.

Topping is a dirty job. Hundreds of ERC toppers are used all over the world and these are living proof that our toppers stand up to the job.

The KS55, KS85-1, 2 and KS85-3 are stand alone machines that are completely enclosed to prevent excessive waste, dust and noise. Our toppers all have a separation- and disposal system. 
Our KR85-2 and KR85-3 have a spacious housing with separate door. These toppers are meant for professional onion grading in a fixed position. Several units can be combined to expand capacity, however each topper remains easily accessible.

ERC Onion Topper Video

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