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Sizing & Grading

Lift Roll Sizer Wyma

The Wyma Lift Roller Sizer diameter sizes fresh produce, predominantly carrots, potatoes and onions, by placing them between two rollers that are moving forward and rotating. The rollers are mounted on an endless chain travelling on a series of ramps. As the rollers move forward, every second roller lifts up, increasing the gap between it and every other roller which is fixed in place. Ramps run at a speed suitable to meet required throughout and allow sufficient time for produce to turn and be accurately sized. When the gaps increase to the size of the produce, the produce drops through to a series of cross conveyors (if ordered) which transport the produce out, in a confirmed size range, to the next stage in the processing line or pack-house.

The rollers are made out of smooth stainless steel round tubes for long produce such as carrots. For potatoes or onions, a special scallop shaped plastic spool is used to grip the produce, ensuring it is turned and given the best chance to fall through an available space.

Rollers require no regular maintenance, and have replaceable oil impregnated bushes in bottom rollers and replaceable sleeves for lifting rollers. A centralised oiler and greasing system* provides the necessary lubrication for chain and bearings respectively, maximising durability. For straight rollers, an automatic cleaning system can be provided*.

Cross conveyors, if ordered, can slide through the sizer to feed either side of the Lift Roller Sizer. Belt direction is also reversible on these.

Wyma Lift Roll Sizer

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