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Sizing & Grading

Kerian Speed Sizer

The Kerian Sizer is a cost effective way to quickly and accurately sort most products (fruits, vegetables or nuts) by size. Twelve standard models are designed for different capacities and from two to ten sizes, and by varying the type of roller and several other details the Kerian Sizer is customized for each application. We look forward to engineering exactly what you need to solve your sizing needs.

Gentle: Separates without damaging peaches, apples, mushrooms and fresh tomatoes.

Accurate: Precisely grades grape tomatoes, cherries, nuts, and small berries, maintaining that accuracy for larger products including cantaloupes and pineapple.

Fast: Thirteen standard models custom-designed to meet your needs sort from 1000 lb/hr to 100,000 lb/hr

Simple: Effective but simple design provides a rugged, low cost, low maintenance machine at a high value to our customers. It can even be used in the field!

Versatile: Specialized rollers allow for the accurate sizing of round products (potatoes, onions, and citrus), long products (carrots, russets, and cucumbers), and irregular products (bell peppers, jalapenos, and garlic).

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