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Sizing & Grading

Grading Table

Inspection Table conveys potatoes, carrots, onions, beetroots and other vegetables or fruit to allow manual and visual inspection.

The Roller Inspection Table is built with blue rollers to ensure better contrast when inspecting for defects. It also helps to notice any abnormal colours on the table. Some customers opt to add a centre divider, separating the table into two clear inspection areas. The unique feature of the Roller Inspection Table is a "drop-out" roller* which allows debris to exit the interior of the machine, facilitating cleaning and protecting the life and efficiency of the table's internal bed structure.

Waste sorting chutes are provided along one or both sides of the table (depending on the configuration of the processing line and platforms) to remove the waste or graded produce. Waste or grading conveyors underneath the table can be added to convey this produce to bins or other processing equipment in the line.

WBM Inspection Table Potato Video

WYMA Inspection Table Carrots Video

WYMA Inspection Table Video

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