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Bin & Bag Fillers

Gooseneck Bin/Bag Filler Wyma

The Wyma Gooseneck Bin Filler conveys vegetables to bins and ensures that the distance between the out-feed of the Gooseneck Bin Filler and the bottom of the bin is as minimal as possible to avoid produce damage. The result is an improved pack-out percentage.

Gooseneck Bin Fillers are usually placed on the out-feed of conveyors. A photoelectric sensor placed on the nose of the gooseneck bin filler automatically detects the bottom of the bin, thereby activating the conveyor. A small surge hopper at the bottom of that conveyor receives carrots, potatoes, onions etc...Produce is first elevated, and then gently descends into the bin.

As the bin fills, the gooseneck slowly adjusts to maintain a minimal distance between the nose and the produce at the bottom of the bin. This keeps the produce fall small and ensures a gentle filling process.

The conveyor stops once the bin is full. This is normally controlled by a sensor mounted on the air ram. Once the full bin is detected the fill complete light flash and the gooseneck moves up out of the way for the bin to be changed.

When the bin is replaced and the "Down" button is pressed on the control panel or remote*, the Bin Filler lowers into the bottom of the bin. The cycle starts over.

Please note that the above operating description implies that a complete electrical and sensor system has been ordered from Wyma.

This system of bin filling is popular because the bin does not lift up or move during the filling process, making the filling process arguably safer than hydraulic bin fillers where the bins have to be moved.

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