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Ginseng Harvester WBM

The WBM Ginsenger DLX has been designed and refined to work in almost any field condition you can through at it.  In sandy soil you can harvest fast with very few people making the harvest operation efficient and enjoyable for all involved.  Even in tough heavy or rocky ground, harvesting is still possible with a crew of only 5 or 6 people.

 The full width 65" digger bed with variable speed hydraulic shaker, effectively removes the loose dirt. The ginseng root along with any stones or clods are then discharged onto the specially engineered secondary bed. The secondary bed, with cab mounted incline angle adjustment controls is where most other debris is removed. The specially designed nub-top secondary belted chain works to effectively to carry the root up the bed while stones and clods roll backwards and back into the field. In the event you have an area in the field with very poor quality root, a flick of a switch lowers the bottom end of the secondary, thus dropping the root back onto the bed. The variable speed full width star table does a great job of shaking that last bit of dirt loose before the root is delivered to the rear discharge conveyor. The rubber fingers bounce the root around enough to remove any remaining dirt while still being gentle enough to ensure that no damage occurs to the root. The rear discharge conveyor uses a light weight solid top cog-driven belt design. This belt offers all the advantages of a belted chain (no tracking issues, positive no-slip drive and reverse bending) while offering a smooth surface with great contrast to both root and dirt for very effect grading. The boom can be extended out to feed a wagon with one or two rows of boxes and folds in neatly for road travel. Performing a second dig is often not a viable option when using a conventional style dig and pick method. The Ginsenger DLX makes getting that last bit of root off the field and into the packing shed profi table once again. While performing a second dig the harvester can travel at almost twice the speed of the first dig covering an acre in just over an hour, again with a crew of only about seven people. Instead of grading out the last remaining debris on the discharge conveyor the ginseng root is picked off an placed onto bushels. This makes the second dig a convenient and comfortable operation for everyone involved.


WBM Ginsenger DLX Video

WBM Ginsenger DLX working in rain Video

WBM Ginsenger DLX Leveling System

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