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Waste Removal

Flume Destoner Wyma

The Wyma Flume Destoner removes stones and clods from your vegetables, mainly carrots and potatoes, to prevent minimise damage to equipment and produce further down the processing line.

Potatoes, carrots or other fresh vegetables are gently conveyed through water flow. The destoning system comprises a stone chute and a stone elevator. Water is pumped up the stone chute at a controlled flow rate. As the upstream water meets with the incoming produce, stones and mud clods sink down the chute and exit via the stone elevator. Due to its lower density, produce floats over the chute space and progresses towards the out-feed.

The flume destoner has a water re-circulation system. Water can be pumped via an existing equipment tank such as a Wyma Vege-Polisher or Barrel Washer, via a separate tank or integrated water tank (custom design).

Wyma Flume Destoner Video

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