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Bagging, Weighing & Packaging

ERC Bagger Baxmatic

Baxmatic® is the fully automated packaging system for loose bags of 2.5 to 50 Kg. The dedicated Baxmatic bags can be purchased from stock from selected suppliers: net bags for, among others, onions, jute bags for potatoes, polyprop bags for bulk flow-ables and paper bags for potatoes. The system combines the ease of fully automated packaging with the quality of separate bags at a speed up to 800 bags per hour.

ERC Machinery provides advice on optimum processing and packaging solutions that could include the Baxmatic. The Baxmatic comprises a bag cartridge, a filling process, and a closing system, offering various options for streamlining the packaging process further. Straightforward touchscreen operation can be facilitated with so-called recipes, in which machine settings are stored. Other machines in the line can be integrated into Baxmatic operations. ERC Machinery provides extensive support (online and on site) for easy commissioning and efficient operation of the Baxmatic.

Baxmatic Automated Packaging System Video

Baxmatic Automated Packaging System Video

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