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Water Recycling

Drum Filter Wyma

The Wyma Rotary Drum Filter is a compact and cost effective water filtration system. It is mostly used as a first stage water treatment solution, enabling the removal of vegetable matter, debris and dirt waste in order to re-use the filtered water.

The water to be treated is fed via a 150 mm in-feed pipe or a flume, and is released inside a rotating wedgewire drum. The wedgewire screen can be supplied with 0.2 to 2mm aperture. This drum is built with internal spiral flutes which, combined with the rotating action, move the de-watered waste forward and out of the drum. An internal cleaning bar sprays water on the outside of the screen in order to dislodge waste and prevent solids accumulation that may clog up the filtering screen.

The de-watered waste exits at the front of the equipment into a bin or other waste collection point. The filtered water is collected in a built-in tray or tank underneath (optional). Alternatively, the wedgewire drum assembly can be placed straight above an existing or customer supplied tank (standard).

The filtered water can be passed to other equipment via an overflow outlet and/or a pump can be fitted to re-circulate it to the cleaning spray bar. The Wyma supplied tank can be cleared by operating a purge valve at the back of the tank.

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