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Sizing & Grading

Chain Sizer

Screen Sizer offers an effective means to size round produce in a continuous process. Screen Sizers offer a modular alternative to a Lift Roller Sizer for fresh produce such as potatoes, onions or citrus. They usually consist of a set of machines, placed end on end in increasing order of web hole size.

Each individual machine separates produce into two sizes. If the produce is small enough it will pass through the screen. Larger produce will progress to the next screen to repeat the process. Multiple sizing options can be achieved, simply by adding additional Screen Sizer modules. The sizing process is further aided by mechanical shakers that gently vibrate the produce on the screen.

This system uses a rubber, nylon, plastic or steel wire mesh screen to separate produce into different sizes. Each sizer module is typically used in conjunction with cross conveyors (optional) to carry sized produce away for further processing.

Wyma Screen Sizer Video

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