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Weening Brothers has over 28 years of experience when it comes to agricultural equipment.  Not only can we provide you with agricultural equipment which will fulfill all your basic functions - we can also deliver equipment which is tailored to suit the individual needs of each farmer.

Often times we work closely with a farmer in a combined effort to find unique solutions to problems or challenges facing todays farmer.  One specific example of this is the 3 bed spinach seeder designed in co-operation with one of our customers and manufactured by us.  This seeder saves an incredible amount of time allowing the farmer to seed when the weather suits freeing up time for other tasks in thier busy schedule.

Our existing product line of agricultural equipment includes machinery for carrots, onions, potatoes, ginseng, and spinach just to name a few.

Please feel free to continue to browes our web-site for more information on the products and solutions we can offer you!

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