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Wet & Dry Hoppers

Wet Hopper/Pre-Soak WYMA

The Wyma Wet hopper allows produce to be quickly tipped from a bin, truck or other device into a water-filled tank without fear of damage. It also helps remove stones and clods in the early stage of processing. Wet hopper can receive produce in dirty, clean or semi-clean condition. It can be used with potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, swedes and beetroot (beet) etc...

Once into the Wet Hopper, fresh produce gently travels on a web conveyor belt towards an out-feed elevator. Fine sand and dirt are separated from the produce and fall through the web belt into collection hopper(s) in the base of the tank. The accumulated debris is periodically removed via the purge valves underneath (manual or automatic operation depending on option selected).

An optional air agitation system is also available. The air bubbling to the surface agitates the vegetables causing them to gently rub against each other, helping to soften and remove the mud. It also helps to break up clumps of produce.

The produce is gently lifted out of the hopper via an elevator with gooseneck. The throughput of the line (t/hr) is determined by the elevator speed selected (5 options available) whereas the soaking time of produce in the water is determined by the actual holding capacity of the Wet Hopper . As the produce exits the Wet Hopper, additional spray bars can be fitted to provide a final rinse before moving on to other equipment in the processing line.

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WBM Wet Hopper Pre Soak Video

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