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Sponge or Felt Dryer Wyma

The Wyma Absorbent Drying Rollers remove the excess surface moisture from produce. The main objective of this equipment is to reduce the risk of bacterial growth, disease initiation and produce degradation during storage, transport and packaging, and maximise shelf life. These non-desirable occurrences mostly effect fresh produce that are susceptible to wetting (produce can be harvested in the wet or sprayed, washed or dipped into a wet tank during processing).

An Absorbent Drying Rollers module is mainly composed of rows of latex sponge or synthetic felt, with a small number of brush rows at the in-feed end and a row of pintle rollers at the out-feed end. Produce first lands on the brushes which provide a soft entry and flick off excess water. Drying Rollers (in sponge or in felt) then absorb excess moisture from the produce surface. Produce progresses forward with other produce pushing it. A row of pintle rollers ends the system to aid produce exit and to protect the last sponge rollers from damage. Underneath the drying roller bed, squeeze rollers provide pressure on the Drying Rollers to remove the retained water, optimising drying performance.


Wyma Absorbent Drying Rollers Video

Wyma Absorbent Drying Rollers Felt Video

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